Pediatric Emergency Dentistry

Does Your Child Have A Toothache? We Can Help!

If your child has teeth that are broken, cracked or missing that need some love, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us!

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See a Pediatric Dentist if your child has a toothache:

- That lasts more than 2 days

- That doesn't go away when your child take pains medication

- That hurts when your child bites

- That makes your child's cheek or jaw swollen

If your child has any sort of pain in your mouth, make an appointment with our dentists right away.
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Pediatric Patient with Toothache


- Tooth Decay

- Tooth Fracture

- Repetitive Motions (chewing gum or grinding teeth)

- Abscessed Tooth

- A Damaged Filling

- Infected Gums

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